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The foundation in 2016 of the scientific and international journal Nacelles. Past and present of aeronautics and space responds to a desire to federate interdisciplinary research in the humanities and social sciences that are interested in aviation, aeronautical construction and outer space over a long period of time, from the first flight-related experiments in the 18th century to the present day. The aim is to bring together the initiatives of historians, geographers, economists, managers, sociologists, etc. who take air and space as their object of study. This journal is intended for researchers and specialists in these fields as well as for anyone who might be interested in the themes developed in Nacelles.

It is published twice a year in French and English by the Presses universitaires du Midi (PUM) and referenced in Mir@bel. It is financed by the laboratoty France Amérique Espagne. Sociétés pouvoirs acteurs (UMR 5136 - Framespa), attached to the University of Toulouse.

The vocation of this journal is above all to analyse the permanence, mutations and evolutions of aviation, aeronautics and space. It also aims to promote the work of established and emerging researchers, in order to contribute to the emergence of an efficient and interdisciplinary research centre. With this in mind, the journal gives a large place to economic, social and cultural aspects. It also wishes to take a particular interest in the actors who are involved in some way in the construction, operation or management of this sector, from a local, national and international perspective.